Posted: 31 Oct '17

Using Confined Space Air Movers to Remove Harmful Particulates

Confined Space Air Movers
The best way to combat hazardous airborne particulates is to educate yourself on where they come from, why they pose a threat, and what you can do to prevent and neutralize them. OSHA and other health and safety regulators report that airborne particulates are responsible for thousands of occupational injuries and deaths each year –what’s more unfortunate is that these injuries are preventable. Confined space air movers are crucial for those working in confined spaces, as they are responsible for removing contaminated air and replacing it with fresh air safely and efficiently.

Airborne Particulates: Tiny Particles, Large Danger.

Simply put, airborne particulates are particles in a liquid or solid state that are tiny enough to be carried through the air and breathed in by workers. These particulates may irritate the eyes and exposed skin, but when they enter the respiratory system, they can exacerbate existing conditions such as asthma. In severe cases, some airborne particulates are classified as carcinogenic and are proven to cause cancer. Confined space air movers ensure that these harmful chemicals are filtered out so your and your employees do not breathe them in.

What Produces Airborne Particulates?

Airborne particulate originates from numerous workplace activities, such as working with sand or concrete, or smoke and fumes resulting from welding or metal spraying. When these activities are present, then the possibility of toxic airborne particles is, too. Thankfully, confined space air movers can be strategically implemented to combat the dangerous by-products.

Keeping your Worksite Safe with Confined Space Air Movers

Maintaining optimal air quality in your workplace is important and you owe it to your employees and the environment to do so. A confined space air mover has numerous benefits, such as increasing visibility, decreasing injuries and sick days, decreasing costly mechanical shutdown, and, perhaps most importantly keeping your employees and the environment safe from dangerous chemicals.

IVS: Custom Particulate Filtration with Confined Space Air Movers

It is important to ensure that your workplace is fitted with a confined space air mover that is specialized for the type of particulate you want to eliminate, and IVS’s team of passionate professionals is committed to making this happen. After a careful and professional analysis of your workplace, we’ll ensure that you’re outfitted with an optimal confined space air mover to ensure your workplace stays operational & safe. Contact IVS to learn more.