Posted: 31 Oct '18

The Top Dangers of Not Using Welding Fume Extraction

Welding, whether fusion welding or pressure welding results in the production of visible smoke that contains harmful gas by-products and metal fumes. When inhaled, the smoke, gases and metal fumes can present a host of complications. This makes it imperative for you to make use of welding fume extraction to ensure that the air that you breathe while welding is clean and safe. Failure to do so, you might come face to face with the following top 4 dangers:

1. Increased risk of respiratory problems

Welders are particularly prone to respiratory illnesses resulting from welding fumes. According to research, 40 to 50 welders are hospitalized every year with a lung infection leading to severe and sometimes fatal pneumonia. Pneumonia and asthma are expensive ailments to treat, not to mention that they can rob one’s life. These respiratory problems can be easily prevented by using welding fume extraction.

2. Irritation of the throat and lungs

Welding fume contains not just smoke, but it also has fine particles that when inhaled, can cause throat dryness, tight chest, and tickling coughing. Prolonged exposure to Ozone, which comes about when TIG welding aluminums and stainless steels, can cause fluid on the lungs. Welders who consider welding fume extraction greatly reduce their susceptibility to throat and lung problems.

3. Increased risk of cancer

The metal fumes that are produced during welding are widely categorized as potentially carcinogenic to human beings. Prolonged exposure to welding smoke and fumes can cause cancer of the lung, urinary tract, and larynx. Stainless steel welding is the most linked to cancer, as stainless-steel fume contains elevated levels of harmful nickel oxide and chromium oxide. Preventing the spread of these harmful fumes through welding fume extraction is an effective way of minimizing your vulnerability to the risk of cancer.

4. Increased suffocation risks

Certain gases, such as carbon dioxide, argon and helium, displace oxygen and thus pose an increased risk of suffocation. Those who work in confined spaces or enclosed work areas are more vulnerable. It's, therefore, advisable to utilize welding fume extraction to ensure that these suffocating gases are extracted from the air immediately they are released.

As a welder or a welding business owner, your health and that of your workers should always be safeguarded. It’s only when you’re healthy that you can be productive and the only way your business can thrive. Investing in welding fume extraction is one of the ways to guarantee that.

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