Posted: 28 Feb '18

The Importance of Properly Educating Your Employees on Industrial Ventilation

It can be difficult to ensure your building is kept well ventilated; however, proper industrial ventilation is essential for your employees as well as your materials and equipment. It should be part of your employee education and training culture whether your employees work in a warehouse, production plant, or office.

What is Industrial Ventilation?

Industrial ventilation refers to a building’s mechanical system that is designed to bring in fresh air from outside and remove contaminated indoor air. In the workplace, ventilation is essential for controlling exposure to airborne contaminants. It is used to remove undesirable contaminants fumes, dust, vapors, and oil mists.

Industrial ventilation is necessary since your facility produces harmful air pollutants that are released in a confined space where your employees work. It not only cleans the air that your employees breathe but also ensures better temperature control and reduces risks of fires in your facility.

Why Educate Your Employees?

Your industrial ventilation education should cover potential hazards as well as how to mitigate issues to prevent incidents and injury.

1. Ensure High Employee Quality of Life

If your employees are unaware of the essence of a ventilation system, they may not catch faulty systems on time leading to serious health issues like compromised respiratory systems.

2. Avoid Lawsuits

Educated employees can catch a defective ventilation system in time to prevent health hazards that would otherwise have led to costly lawsuits against you. As an employer, it is your legal requirement to provide a secure and safe working environment.

3. Employees are Reactive to Emerging Issues

Your employees can react accordingly to any emerging issue concerning the ventilation system. A good example is noticing issues related to make-up air. A ventilation system needs to provide enough fresh air from outside (make-up air) to replace air exhausted from the workplace. However, if there is not enough make-up air provided, negative pressure is created, which increases resistance on your ventilation system.

4. Ensure Prompt Repair and Routine Maintenance

Since industrial ventilation systems take years to deteriorate, you can easily overlook routine maintenance and repairs. However, if your employees are educated on how the ventilation system works, they can detect when it needs repairs and ask for them.

5. Maintain Your Company Brand

Well-educated employees coupled with an effective training program and a low rate of accidents improves your company’s brand and name.

Carry out your industrial ventilation education today to ensure workplace safety and high productivity. To learn more about all our industrial ventilation products, to discuss your ventilation needs, or to schedule an assessment, please get in touch with us today.