Posted: 15 Feb '17

The Importance of Manganese Filters

The Importance of Manganese Filters

You can improve air quality in the workplace by filtering dangerous chemicals from the air. Manganese is a common by-product of welding, gouging and spraying metals that can be easily removed by installing filters for manganese. This can keep workers safe and keep your company within legislated levels.

What is manganese?

Manganese is an important metal in the manufacturing industry. Manganese is an essential component of steel and is critical to increasing the tensile strength of the material and to prevent rusting. Furthermore, manganese is also utilized in aluminum alloys to add corrosion-resistant properties.

In addition to its role in manufacturing, manganese is also critical to life. However, too much manganese results in neurological complications similar to Parkinson’s disease and in large doses can be fatal. A major cause of manganese overexposure is workplace inhalation and accordingly, both the United States and Canada have set recommended exposure limits over an 8-hour workday.

Filtration reduces manganese levels

Remaining below the recommended exposure limits of airborne manganese will greatly lower the chances of manganese poisoning. The first step to reducing the concentration of manganese in the air is ventilation of all areas where workers are working with manganese. Moreover, performing these activities in confined areas or over prolonged periods of time make filtration necessary.

IVS offers a variety of filters to protect your workplace from trace contaminants, including manganese. IVS manufactures filters that are specific for refining, chemical or power engineering – all industries that require state of the art filtration systems.

Although critical for manufacturing and, in small quantities, life - too much manganese can be deadly. For proper air filtration in your workplace, contact IVS to filter manganese today!