Posted: 31 Aug '18

The Dangers of Not Using a Confined Space Blower

Studies show that many workers are injured or killed every year while working in confined spaces. To efficiently control the risks linked to working in high risk workplaces, employers must implement a confined space assessment and control program. A confined space blower is one piece of essential equipment to be encompassed in that program.

4 Main Dangers in Confined Spaces

  1. Oxygen deficiency: This is the cause of most deaths in confined spaces. Oxygen deficiency comes about when oxygen is displaced by other gases, or when it’s used up by combustion, explosion, chemical reaction, or breathing by many people confined in a small space.
  2. Oxygen enrichment: The atmosphere is oxygen-enriched if it contains over 23 percent oxygen by volume.
  3. Fire and/or explosion: The risk of fire and explosion in confined spaces is quite high. Machinery, chemicals, static electricity and poor ventilation may contribute to fires and explosions.
  4. Toxicity: This occurs when confined spaces are filed with harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide are present in high levels.

How a Confined Space Blower Eliminates the Dangers

Assessing oxygen levels and other common hazardous gases is crucial for worker safety in confined spaces. Should the environment be found to be unsafe, the space needs to be sufficiently ventilated.

The most common way of replacing air in confined spaces is through targeted ventilation, which can be easily achieved by making use of a confined space blower. It that allows for the negative air in a confined space to be swiftly and continuously replaced with positive air.

Without the use of a confined space blower, workers may run out of luck as far as escaping the dangers in confined spaces in concerned. The dangers of not using a confined space blower include:

  • With no oxygen, workers in confined spaces can be dead in just 4 minutes.
  • With high levels of oxygen in confined spaces, flammable materials such as hair and clothing can burn aggressively when ignited.
  • The risk of fire and explosion is quite high, which can lead to serious injuries or death.
  • Levels of poisonous gases might increase and present 2 kinds of risks in confined spaces: smothering (chemical asphyxiation) and irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.

The safety of workers in confined spaces can be greatly enhanced by simply using a confined space blower. It can help replace the hazardous atmosphere in a confined space with clean, safe air round the clock.

Come by today and choose a rugged and reliable confined space blower designed to provide unrivaled performance to ensure a comfortable, safe and controlled work environment.