Posted: 1 Oct '17

Promoting Safety and Efficiency: Choosing an Effective Industrial Dust Control System

Dust Control System

When one hears of the potential for respiratory illnesses, mechanical downtimes, and explosions, they’re likely to think of volatile gasses or other dangerous workplace materials. However, excessive amounts of airborne dust can be highly dangerous for numerous reasons. Air quality is important – and a dust control system can help ensure the well-being of those working in confined spaces.

Why Do You Need a Dust Control System?

When high amounts of dust are suspended in the atmosphere, workers suffer from decreased visibility and may even have difficulty breathing. If you have spent an afternoon sanding a piece of furniture without a breathing mask, you’ll know how difficult it is to concentrate when you can smell and even taste the dust in the air.

Ultimately, a dust control system allows for higher levels of safety through the elimination of dust particulates from the atmosphere and thereby improving visibility and preventing accidents and potential injuries due to slips, trips, and falls.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dust Control System:

  • What is the Size and Dimensions of My Space?
    Every worksite is different – which means that choosing the perfect dust control system will depend on numerous factors such as the size of the worksite, the type of industrial process taking within the worksite, and more.

  • Do I Want to Be Environmentally Responsible?
    While protecting your employees is often the first objective, it’s important to remember that work site hazards can leak into the atmosphere outside of confined spaces and pose a threat to those breathing the air around your facility.

  • Do I Want to Comply with OSHA Regulations?
    In an effort to curb workplace injuries and deaths due to poor air quality, OSHA has imposed strict regulations to limit exposure to hazardous airborne particulates. A dust control system can help your work site comply with these standards and keep your employee’s safe.

  • Is a Dust Control System Really an Investment?
    Absolutely – improved air quality provides a myriad of benefits, including reducing costly outages, decreasing injuries, increasing visibility, improving productivity, decreasing employee sick days, and provides peace of mind that your business is doing its part to protect the environment.

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