Posted: 30 Jun '18

Industrial Ventilation: Making Your Employees Feel Safe and Secure

As an employer, you have the responsibility of making your employees feel safe in the workplace. On top of this responsibility are set industrial ventilation regulations that deal with potential health and safety hazards your employees face at work.

The health, wellness, and safety of all your employees are imperative for your entire company. Several things can affect the health of your industrial workers like insufficient ventilation, poor indoor air quality in your workplace, or the danger of breathing in welding fumes and other airborne contaminants.

How to Make Your Employees Feel Safe at Work

1. Employees Education

You need to educate all your employees about all the potential hazards associated with your workplace. Put in place an efficient education system that ensures effectual orientation of new hires. It should also educate all employees about how to use new equipment as well as monitor and maintain current ones.

2. Monitor Employees’ Mental Health

Actively monitor the mental health of all your workers. Eliminate the ‘tough guy’ culture, which is a stereotype typically associated with the oil and gas industry worker. Introduce an open and transparent environment supported by regular team exercises and training programs.

3. Ventilation

Ensure that you identify the type of industrial ventilation systems you need to install at your workplace taking into consideration any extenuating factors like space size. Seek professional services to determine the industrial ventilation system that suits your industrial processes. Industrial ventilation brings in fresh air from outside that pushes out and replaces the contaminated air.

4. Monitor Hazardous Fumes, Gases, and Relative Humidity

If you are working with equipment that burns fuel or have large welding processes, install carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring equipment in the workplace. This allows your employees to monitor the workspace area for CO to prevent asphyxiation.

Also, always pay attention to your workspace’s indoor relative humidity within the industrial ventilation system’s design especially in confined spaces. Monitor all air intakes to minimize the entertainment of hazardous exhaust fumes and odors.

5. Welding Extraction Systems

Install welding extraction systems in all welding spaces to remove hazardous weld fumes from the work area. Industrial ventilation alone does not eliminate weld fumes.

6. Machine and Equipment Maintenance

Always remain on top of machine maintenance on the worksite. Prevent premature machine and equipment failure and keep your employees safe with routine maintenance checks. This also includes all industrial ventilation and fumes extraction systems.

To ensure a safe work environment for your employees, put in place the right safety policies and procedures. Contact us to purchase your state of the art Industrial ventilation system or to learn more about them.