Posted: 31 Dec '18

Confined Space Blowers: Why Ventilate?

Feeling like there’s no room to breathe at your workplace? If you work in a confined space or in hazardous conditions with poor ventilation, investing in a confined space blower should be a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

A confined space blower can be used by all kinds of industries, ranging from manufacturing and construction to utility repair, industrial and commercial. Some specific examples of where this piece of handy equipment can be used include underground utilities, boilers, ship compartments, rail cars, storage tanks, tunnels, sewers, and crawl spaces, among others.

Dangers of Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation leads to insufficient air flow, which can give rise to hazardous conditions. There could be considerable lack of oxygen, exposure to harmful fumes and gases, or presence of ignitable or combustible particles in the atmosphere. All these factors are potent enough to turn a confined space into a highly dangerous work environment.

Breathing contaminated air can bring about a host of health problems that can cost a lot of money to treat. Moreover, poor air quality prevents workers from handling their tasks with zeal. It goes without saying that reduced productivity draws the business to the verge of collapse.

How Confined Space Blowers help with Ventilation

Typically, you are required to install and use a confined space blower when working in an area that is classified as a confined space. For an area to be considered as a confined space, it must meet certain criteria. For example, it must be configured or designed in such a way that you can enter the area to carry out any work. In addition, there must be restricted means of both entry and exit. The area must also not be intended for continuous use.

To make the work environment a lot safer, proper ventilation and air flow must be generated within confined spaces. That is exactly what a confined space blower is designed to do – to force the contaminated or poor air out and draw fresh air in. What you need to do is to place the blower in or around a confined space or enclosed area. By so doing, the confined space blower will:

  • Provide a continuous flow of air
  • Work to sustain appropriate levels of oxygen in the air
  • Help to evaluate or get rid of contaminated and hazardous air

Making use of a confined space blower can dramatically improve air flow and quality, thus enable you to create a safe work environment. With a safe working environment, workers’ productivity will rise, and so is the likelihood for the business to thrive.

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