Posted: 22 Sep '16

How Confined Space Blowers Minimize Dangers

How Confined Space Blowers Minimize Dangers

According to OSHA, more than 60 people die annually and an additional 6,000 are injured due to a lack of proper ventilation in confined spaces. The sad thing is, these are real people losing their lives or suffering needlessly when appropriate safety measures can be taken and significantly reduce exposure. Confined space blowers minimize the dangers associated with these environments and should be incorporated into confined spaces.

Monitoring is Only a Piece of the Solution

Some air pollutants take mere seconds of exposure to cause lasting, damaging effects on workers in confined spaces. Too often it is employees feel they are protected if they use gas monitors when in fact, by the time the monitor detects an issue, exposure could have already occurred. Monitors are necessary because they do provide important information, but they are only a component of preventative measures and should not be the sole safety consideration for working in confined spaces. Only proper ventilation with a blower system can greatly reduce the chances of exposure.

How Blowers Improve Air Quality

Confined space blower systems are particularly effective because they supply a constant feed of clean air to the confined space. This clean air dilutes any pollutants and forces stale or contaminated air out of the work area. Blowers work to maintain proper oxygen levels and keep atmospheric conditions from deteriorating and causing death or serious injury to workers. With continuous ventilation, which is highly recommended, workers can safely enter confined space environments as required because there are only minor fluctuations in air quality, if at all.

Confined Space Blowers Save Lives

Too often, proper ventilation is not installed in confined spaces due to the cost. Before determining that confined space blowers for your worksite are cost prohibitive and will reduce your profit margins, ask yourself what dollar value can you put on a human life? While that may sound overly dramatic, with 60 to 100 people dying yearly and 6,000 suffering injury due to contaminated air, is it really worth the risk to save a few dollars on the bottom line?

The Invaluable Benefits

Confined space blowers are an expense, but they also provide invaluable benefits. Not only do they save lives and greatly reduce the risk of injury, which saves money over the long term, they also increase production. Countless studies have shown that production can increase by as much as 25% when adequate ventilation is provided for confined space workers. Proper ventilation allows for simultaneous work processes and workers who are able to breathe properly take fewer breaks and work faster. In most cases, improved production and the health and safety of your workers more than justifies your costs for proper confined space ventilation.

Confined space blowers are important and integral to maintaining the safety of confined spaces. At Innovative Ventilation Systems, we have expert knowledge when it comes to confined space ventilation and work closely with worksite management teams to create ventilation systems that are productive, cost-effective and above everything else, make confined spaces safer for workers. Contact us today to learn more about what our confined space services can do and how they can improve your worksite.