Posted: 6 Sep '17

Confined Space Blowers: Choosing the Right Ventilation System

Confined Space Blowers

According to OSHA, sixty to one hundred people die each year due to the improper ventilation of confined spaces – in addition, at least six-thousand are injured. To make matters worse, if individuals and the companies that employ them would adhere to OSHA's procedures and regulations, then this number could be drastically reduced, if not eliminated entirely through the use of confined space blowers.

Confined Space Blowers: How Do They Work?

At Innovative Ventilation Systems, we’re dedicated to the safety of our employees through the proper ventilation of confined space through the proper use of confined space blowers that work by drawing in air from an area, compressing it, and directing it into a confined space. Through this process, contaminated and potentially dangerous air is flushed out of the confined space and fresh, safe air is pumped in its place.

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Confined Space Blower

  • Is the confined space hazardous or non-hazardous?
    A hazardous space is defined by an atmosphere that offers the potential for explosion. Keep in mind that no confined space blower, unless marked specifically, is designed to operate in a combustible space nor are they designed to transport dangerous gases.

  • What is the size and dimensions of the space?
    Often, the size of the space will determine the size of confined space blower required to safely cycle the air. In addition, the configuration of the space will directly correlate with the length of duct necessary.

  • What power sources are available?
    Confined spaces often have limited options for a power source. Thankfully, confined space blowers are available in AC and DC electrical options, as well as pneumatic and gasoline, powered.

  • What is my budget?
    Less-expensive blowers generally offer lower performance because they tend to be smaller with less available horsepower. Although saving money and protecting the bottom line is often a strong temptation for any business owner, keep in mind that downtime due to unsafe working conditions is far more expensive than the initial investment of a confined space blower – and that is to speak nothing of the possibility of an accident -or even a death- of an employee.

For More on Confined Space Blowers

For more on safety precautions and regulations as well as information on confined space blowers, contact innovative ventilation systems today and ensure the safety of your worksite and your employees.