Posted: 18 May '17

Confined Space Air Movers: Avoiding Costly Shutdowns

Confined Space Air Movers: Avoiding Costly Shutdowns

At Innovative Ventilation Systems, our mission is to ensure that your workplace runs at maximum capacity while offering a healthy environment for all of your employees. To ensure both of these factors, it is critical to enlist expertise from the drawing board to tactically plan your shutdown and plant the right confined space air movers to drive ventilation throughout the shutdown. With our expert planning and air movers selection, shutdown time can be minimized without sacrificing air quality, letting your team get back to what it does best. 

What are Confined Spaces & Confined Space Air Movers?

Confined spaces are defined as compartments which are not intended for entry by workers, but this may be required for certain tasks or repairs. These spaces may have very limited entranceways or exits and thus extremely poor ventilation. This can be extremely hazardous to workers in these environments, especially those doing hot work like welding which can create toxic fumes. 

Business Shutdowns

In order for work to be performed in confined spaces, it is often necessary to shut down the operations associated with the confined space so that workers may safely enter. Any time an operational function is a shutdown is a cost to your business, and so minimizing the turnaround times is crucial.

Getting work done 

Often, there are strict time constraints associated with a shutdown, and maximizing efficiency of work performed during the shutdown is necessary for all of the jobs to get done. Strict regulations mandate the conditions of confined space environments, and one must adhere to these conditions at all times in order to continue the work operations. This requires expertise and planning in order to make the work areas safe and ventilated with the proper confined space air movers, so there are no unexpected barriers to your employees executing their tasks during the shutdown.

Planning an Efficient Shutdown

Firstly, the key to shut down efficiency is planning in advance. Allow your team to prepare properly for the shutdown and ensure a schedule is made ahead of time. It is crucial to involve our team of experts at the first steps of the shutdown planning in order ensure the shutdown strategy considers all aspects from the beginning. 

Details are Key

It is key to identify and assess access points, gauge power requirements, make air change calculations, estimate outputs, and detail requirements for the air movers needed. 

Air Mover Systems 

Ventilation systems, especially in confined spaces, are often misplaced and rendered ineffective in time-sensitive moments of operation. To ensure your confined spaces remain consistently within mandated safety ranges of temperature and air quality, it is crucial to have tactically placed air movers which effectively keep the air moving throughout the confined work areas. If misplaced, tasks may fail to become completed during a planned shutdown, which can be detrimental to business operations. 

Once the proper systems are in place, you only need to worry about getting the tasks completed during the shutdown. Our team will monitor all daily reporting in correspondence with safety permits and required regulation. Data on air quality will be recorded in an Air Velocity Report, calibrated by our technicians to each specific service area. 

Without confined space experts and properly implemented air movers, shutdowns can become extremely detrimental to your business operations and bottom line. Contact Innovative Ventilation Systems for confined space air movers today! We're here to provide expertise at every step of the way to ensure turnaround times are minimized and your business stays up and running.