Posted: 18 Jun '17

Capturing and Filtering Particulates with Confined Space Blowers: Preventing Atmospheric Hazards

Hazardous airborne pollutants can occur in gaseous form or as tiny particulates suspended in the air. Many airborne particles are known to cause disabling or fatal diseases.

The Health and Safety Executive suggests there could be several hundred thousand occupational disease cases related to airborne particulates each year, and workers in confined spaces are particularly vulnerable. The best way to be part of the solution to atmospheric related occupational hazards in your workplace is to learn how hazardous particles are produced, and what you can do to protect people from them. By ensuring your workplace uses proper ventilation strategies and the right confined space blowers for your operations, you can maintain a safe and efficient operation.

What are airborne particulates?

Particles small enough to remain suspended in air and travel deep into the lungs are classified as airborne. When inhaled, they can lead to several diseases including asthma, and lung cancer. Some also cause non-respiratory symptoms like skin and eye irritation. The seriousness of these hazards has led to strict regulations on workplace air quality. It is crucial for both your business and safety that you are compliant with these regulations, and use the proper confined space blowers.

How are airborne particulates produced?

Airborne particulates can come in the form of dusts, smoke, and fumes. They originate from a number of workplace activities. Common examples include airborne dust as a result of working with sand or concrete, fumes resulting from hot work such as welding or metal spraying, and smoke from burning organic materials. Removing dangerous particles like hexavalent chromium and crystalline silica is crucial to people’s health and regulatory compliance.

How to keep your workplace safe

Maintaining air quality in your workplace involves careful planning and the right equipment. It is critical to not only select the right size and type of ventilation or confined space blowers, but also ensure the equipment is expertly placed. This involves careful analysis of your workplace and the confined spaces.

Our team is perfectly equipped to work with you to make this happen. With top workplace atmosphere experts and a wide range of confined space blowers, we can ensure that you keep your workplace operational, safe, and compliant. Come speak with us today to become part of the solution.