Posted: 24 Oct '16

Changing the Atmosphere with Confined Space Air Movers

Changing the Atmosphere with Confined Space Air Movers

The nature of confined spaces is such that maintaining a safe atmosphere among the many work processes poses a challenge for employers. Air quality must be maintained both for the health of your workers and to maintain production levels. The best way to change the atmosphere under these conditions is with confined space air movers.

Confined Space Air Movers Provide Necessary Ventilation

The easiest way to define ventilation is to state that it is a process by which clean, fresh air is continuously moved into an area, in this case, a confined space. As the fresh air is moved in, the atmospheric hazards are diluted and forced out. Air movers are able to reduce the levels of contaminates such as gases, vapors, fumes and even dust to create an atmosphere that is breathable and that has increased visibility.

Effective Ventilation Systems Improve Production

Having your confined space work environment fitted with appropriate air movers improves production since employees take fewer breaks when they can breathe well and with improved atmosphere, their morale is improved as well. The other consideration is that cross processes can be performed when there is effective ventilation, meaning you do not have teams waiting for one unit to finish before they can begin their part. With greater visibility, workers can move around faster and more safely, reducing the chance of accidents and allowing them to complete their tasks quicker. Confined space air movers are an investment that can pay for themselves by offering your employees working conditions that allow them to do their jobs faster and in a more pleasant atmosphere.

Benefits Far Outweigh Any Negatives

A common complaint with ventilation systems is that the air movers can be noisy, which seems amplified in confined spaces. Other factors include stirring up dust and the possibility of colder temperatures when the air being forced in is colder than the ambient temperature in the confined space.

When air is blown into the space, it creates a turbulence and increases the pressure of the air that does not allow gases to settle and seep back into the space through cracks or other openings. This removes the risk of fire due to flammable gases being pulled across the motors. The increased safety is worth a bit of noise in the confined space. As for the visibility and temperature controls, there are means available such as dust collection systems when required and heaters that can warm the air being blown into the work space.

With improved production, a cleaner atmosphere and safer work environment for your employees, you will realize a maximum return on your investment. Confined space air movers are a win-win all around for everyone involved with confined space work on your site. Contact us today at Innovative Ventilation Systems to learn more about how our confined space ventilation can improve safety and productivity on your worksite.