Mechanical Ventilation - General and at Source

Ventilation for Confined Spaces

Ventilation for confined space work environments can be cumbersome and restrictive due to limitations in size, versatility and the need to schedule work in sequence to maintain air quality. Due to years of research and development, IVS mechanical ventilation systems provide a solution to these typical issues.

Applications and Industries Served

  • Industrial Upstream, Midstream, Downstream
  • Municipal
  • Civil
  • Mining
  • Power Plants
  • Commercial

Customized Temporary Ventilation Systems

Designing, correctly installing and properly maintaining mechanical ventilation equipment for confined spaces is crucial for keeping installation and operating costs down while still increasing productivity. A custom-designed system from Innovative Ventilation Systems is your best choice for accomplishing this goal. We have the expertise and the experience to create dependable, reliable and versatile mechanical ventilation configurations. Some other features of our systems include:

  • Localized ventilation adapters capture noxious gases at the source and are designed to designed exceed all local and Federal regulations for both capture and velocity standards. The result is a safer ventilation system for both workers and the environment.
  • All our electric blowers utilize backward-inclined, V-belt driven designs that can handle multiple openings and long runs in an reliable and efficient manner. This fact means less strain on the machinery and thus lowers both operating and maintenance costs.
  • Spiral wound aluminum ducting is always used. It is lightweight, easy to handle and its lockseam construction assures maximum strength and rigidity. As a result, it has superior structural strength compare to other types of duct work meaning it requires fewer joints and hangers.
  • Over the years, our design team recognized a need for a faster and more versatile way to interconnect the blowers and ducts in a mechanical ventilation system. Our proprietary rigid-polymer collars do just that. Installation and maintenance times are reduced and movement of the equipment is also facilitated. If circumstances warrant it, the system can also be easily reconfigured.


Increase your productivity with Mechanical Ventilation Service from IVS

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    Greater Productivity

    The mechanical ventilation of a confined space can be a cumbersome, time-consuming and ultimately expensive process in an industrial environment. At Innovative Ventilation Systems, we understand the complexities involved in mechanical ventilation are prepared to help you to accomplish this goal in any way possible.

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    Experienced Ventilation Technicians

    Our expert design team and experienced installation technicians have the ability to custom design and properly install mechanical ventilation systems to your specifications. We will assist you figure out precisely what those specifications are. Not only will the productivity of your system be maximized but many parallel activities can also be enabled. This allows workers across the entire plant to work in a safer, more comfortable environment.

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    The IVS Difference

    We offer quite valuable services when it comes to maintaining mechanical ventilation systems and in facilitating their shutdown at the appropriate times. Our technicians will evaluate what needs to be done, make recommendations and then monitor the course of action chosen by your management team. The goal is to make the shutdown safe, short and as non-disruptive as possible to plant operations.

Learn more about how IVS customized mechanical ventilation solutions can greatly improve the production in your confined space work environment by contacting us.