Field support services

Field support services

Choosing and installing the right confined space ventilation system is only half the job. For successful implementation, the proper field support services are required. At IVS, we will help you determine the right equipment for your confined space ventilation needs and we will be there post-installation to ensure the system is functioning properly.


Increase your Workplace Safety with Field Support Services from IVS

  • Field support services

    Expert Ventilation Technicians

    Innovative Ventilation Systems has an unyielding commitment to integrity and excellence. All of our technicians are certified union boilermakers, who are also specially trained as ventilation technicians. The installation techs provided by us are all journeymen with an on-site master boilermaker in charge of the entire process.

    This ensures that our field support services are delivered by people with the training, expertise and experience to install and maintain your confined space ventilation system as well modifying it on an as-needed basis.

  • Field support services

    Maximum Support

    With years of experience, our staff and installation techs at IVS are experts at installing adjusting, testing and monitoring any confined space ventilation system. We can even custom design a system your specific needs require it. Other benefits of our field support services include:

    • Educating the workforce
    • Confined space entry control
    • Fire and spark watch
    • Safety oversight
    • Air quality testing
    • Tear down and new set-up as required
    • Identifying potential problems and delivering proactive solutions
  • Field support services

    Educating your Workforce

    While our team at IVS understands the need to properly implement a confined space ventilation system, it is imperative that the workforce operating on-site also recognize the same need. IVS systems meet or exceed all local, state and Federal government regulations and helps maximize production as long as workers understand how the system works and how to operate it properly.

    As part of our field support service package, IVS techs ensure that workers get the education they need to properly operate our ventilation systems. Well-educated workers are far more productive than workers who don’t have the proper knowledge to utilize confined space ventilation systems properly.