Climate Control in Confined Spaces

Climate Control

Every worker prefers to be comfortable at their job, especially when they are involved with complicated or delicate work. This is very important in a confined space since the surrounding environment can have a significant effect not only on a worker's physical state, but also on his mental one as well. To accomplish this task, installing the right confined space ventilation systems is the first step. The use of climate control technology is a necessary second step and takes all the guesswork out of the process.


Heat or Cool your Confined Space Work Areas with Innovative Ventilation Systems

  • Climate Control in Confined Spaces

    The Right Equipment

    Avoiding atmospheric hazards is the ideal solution to environmental control in a confined space. Welding, refractory installation, powder coating and many other processes produce all manner of fumes and particulate debris. In addition to this, the ambient temperature of the environment may be too hot or cold as well as too humid to support a productive work environment. Our confined space climate control systems remedy any shortfalls in this area and help create the right environment in confined spaces for productivity as well as worker safety.

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    The Right Controls

    Installing the right heaters, coolers, dehumidifiers and filters is only the first step in addressing the problems confined spaces present. A confined work space environment that needs maintenance or a shutdown procedure almost always poses a unique set of problems. Our team at IVS can make a hazard evaluation of the space and then suggest several options to rectify the situation. Integral to the success of this solution is the use of proper controls. All in all, it is a problem that can be solved with a minimum of fuss.

  • Climate Control in Confined Spaces

    The Right Results

    Providing a proper climate in confined spaces means more than just comfort. It reduces physical injuries and actually increases worker morale and productivity. Finding the right confined space air conditioning and the associated climate control technology need not be a daunting task. For further help in evaluating your confined space air conditioning needs, please contact us today.