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About Innovative Ventilation Systems

Since 2007, Innovative Ventilation Systems strived to be the leading provider of confined space air ventilation across the country. We focus on providing temporary ventilation services in a variety of environments from shutdown planning to installation and monitoring of equipment to support hot-work applications.

We are committed to on-site employee safety by delivering safe and cost-effective ventilation solutions for our clients. Our dedication and customer service is unparalleled in the confined space ventilation and confined space air conditioning industry, which is why we are trusted with the implementation of confined space ventilation systems.

We Understand the Complexity of Shutdowns/Turnarounds

Shutdowns and turnarounds can often prove to be a painful and slow process, however, they are a necessary process. The costs of breakdown or employee injury is just too great for a company to risk, which is why planned shutdowns designed to ensure a safe working environment. We assist in the planning of shutdown and turnarounds to help meet strict time constraints and budgets while providing a safe process for all employees involved.

At Innovative Ventilation Systems, we meet the challenges presented by shutdowns and turnarounds by providing a reliable and effective shutdown process that:

  • Reduces physical and exposure accidents
  • Safer and provides a more comfortable work environment
  • Increases work productivity
  • Excellent ROI
  • Code compliance on a state and Federal level
  • Environmentally responsible record

Our Technicians Exceed Expectations

We pride ourselves on the fact that we always deliver ventilation solutions that exceed expectations. From our on-site technicians to our CEO, our team understands what is at stake on-site and that there is no room for errors. We ensure that all of our work complies with all local, state and federal structural and environmental regulations.

We Embrace the Best of New Technologies

Our management team recognizes that we operate in an evolving industry and we are committed to embracing the newest technologies. We always research technologies first and determine whether it is worth implementing, with our ultimate goal being to provide our clients with decreased costs while lowering overall downtime and increasing productivity.

By combining expertise and extensive experience, we can develop our own proprietary enhancements to our ventilation systems. We create customized confined space ventilation solutions that are more efficient while being reliabile and durability for our clients For more detailed information on our ventilation systems, please contact us today.

We are committed to Safety, Environment, Integrity & Teamwork

Vision Statement

At Innovative Ventilation Systems we strive to be the leader in providing confined space services. To create a healthier, more productive and safe work environment for an increasingly educated and informed workforce. To meet and exceed our client’s expectations by embracing new ideas and technologies.


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