Shutdown Planning

Shutdown Planning

It is a simple fact that all equipment, from the lightest commercial models to the most impressive industrial ones, requires maintenance and updating on a regular basis. The goal of any plant manager is to see that these processes are done as quickly, accurately and as cost-effectively as possible. Our team of expert advisors at Innovative Ventilation Systems understands the need for shutdowns to be completed as quickly as possible, but we also recognize the fact that safety is the primary concern. This is why we provide the very best in consultation when it comes to shutdown procedures.

Increase your productivity with Shutdown Planning with IVS
  • Planning & Implementation

    Shutdown Planning

    A cost-effective and time-sensitive shutdown takes a lot of planning and proper implementation. When it comes to our shutdown planning, we will take into account such factors as the systems to be supplied, necessary power requirements and take into account air change calculations. We leave nothing to chance and will provide a formal plan for approval before starting any work.

  • Reporting and Monitoring

    Shutdown Planning

    Innovative Ventilation Systems will handle all the legally mandated monitoring and reporting requirements when it comes to shutdown planning, so that your team can concentrate on getting back to work as soon as possible. We can provide everything from initial permits, force reports, Federal labor relations authority audits to site inspections and field-level risk assessments. We concentrate on our core competencies so that you can concentrate on yours.

  • The Bottom Line

    Shutdown Planning

    Our professionals at IVS are not only confined space ventilation experts but also seasoned business people. We understand the need for maintaining increased production within compressed timelines while still planning for and implementing planned shutdowns. Our goal is to design and install a ventilation system that accomplishes this goal while still providing a healthy and safe confined space environment.


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