Climate control to support virtually any activity undertaken in a confined space during any season.
Engineered pre-planned effective solutions for specific situations.

What is a Confined Space?

At Innovative Ventilation Systems, we aim to be the leader in confined space air conditioning systems not only in Beaumont but across the country. We strive to provide real value for your money while still demonstrating integrity and service excellence. We recognize that our systems are an integral part of keeping your employees, your company successful and your reputation whole. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our confined space ventilation systems offer benefits such as:

  1. Healthier work environment
  2. Fewer physical injuries and lower exposure levels
  3. Improved productivity
  4. Shorter project completion timelines
  5. Less plant downtime
  6. State and Federal code compliance
  7. Improved external environment as well

Working Inside Confined Spaces:

Any employer utilizing personnel in a confined space must be significantly concerned with the welfare of their workforce not only from a physical perspective but also an environmental one. Providing conditioned air to a confined space is essential in this situation, especially if you want your employees to be as productive as possible. In addition to this, there are numerous legal factors to consider if an improper worksite environment develops. Our confined space air conditioning and ventilation experts at Innovative Ventilation Systems are experience at evaluating your needs in these situations and at developing a cost-effective solution for your company.

Comprised of both a knowledgeable staff and expert on-site installation techs, our team at Innovative Ventilation Systems will not only provide the best value for your confined space air conditioning needs but also ensure it is installed properly and in a timely manner. The process is fairly simple and our techs will make a confined space hazard assessment. Our experts can identify the best system for your particular situation and develop a control program so that the confined space will always be kept in the proper condition. We ensure to provide all the necessary support services to keep the system operating as reliably and efficiently as possible.

The right confined space air conditioning and ventilation system is important for both you and your employees. Workers get a safe and comfortable environment to work in while you get more production for the same amount of time and money. For further information on our systems or to schedule a confined space hazard assessment, please contact us today.

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